Quinta de Sant'Ana

Multilingual e-commerce website helps boost online sales

Lead time

16 weeks


Hospitality and Tourism, Retail

Quinta de Sant’Ana is a family owned farm in central Portugal. They host events and weddings, accommodating guests in the property’s guesthouses. They also run a successful wine business. We first spoke in the summer of 2019. At that point in time the Quinta was running two websites: one for the winery and another for the rest of the operation. These websites where technically outdated and the team found them hard to update. There was also the feeling that the design didn’t translate the spirit of the farm so we kicked-off a full overhaul.

“From A to Z your work has been an extremely positive experience. I emphasise the very good communication, quick responses, always looking for a solution, valid advice and endless patience with the evolution and constant changes to our website.”

Ann Frost, Quinta de Sant’Ana

Working closely with Cátia, the Quinta’s designer, we settled on a new look and feel that makes use of large photos and classic typography. We restructured content, taking a more editorial approach, focused on the family’s history in the property. Bringing the winery to the main website helped consolidate the whole business under the same moniker. Because they cater to a large international clientele, the new site is now published in Portuguese and English.

We decided not to build an e-commerce shop in this redesign as the Quinta felt is wasn’t vital: the wine was mostly sold on site, at their popular tastings, or on specialty stores across the country. Instead, we produced a wine catalog, where visitors could read about the different wines and ask for information, without actually being able to buy them online.

All this changed with the pandemic in 2020. As visits to the farm became evermore difficult due to COVID restrictions, there was suddenly a need to create an online channel through which the Quinta could sell wine, tasting vouchers and organic produce. In 3 weeks we did just that.

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