Design and development of a multisite ecosystem

Lead time

16 weeks


Animal Health Care

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) reached out to us to totally renew their website. The main purpose of fve.org is to act as an information repository, a resource portal for veterinarian associations across Europe. A place where professionals can find information on law, technical publications and education resources. Most of these goals weren’t being fulfilled by the old site. Furthermore, the content structure was too heavy and cluttered, in desperate need of an overhaul. Finally, the 7 satellite websites of FVE’s affiliated organisations had to be redesigned to match the new digital image, assuring a unified visitor experience.

“We started working with Plug-it in 2018 to redo our website. From start to finish, we enjoyed the work with their professional team and the excellent support they gave. The end result was perfect. Currently, Plug-it is still assisting us with every modification we need, quickly and efficiently. We’ve since recommended them to several partner companies.”

Nancy De Briyne, FVE

The first thing we did was to completely separate the affiliated organisations, creating dedicated microsites for each. These organisations play an important role within the FVE ecosystem but were presented inconsistently in the old site. This added to the sense of confusion through excessive information. We then worked with FVE to streamline the content, deprecating obsolete sections and focusing on the information that was critical to visitors.

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