Schminkbar Official Website Redesign

Lead time

4 weeks




This project focused on redesigning the base official website for Schminkbar, a renowned beauty spa with approximately ten branches across Switzerland.

Schminkbar is synonymous with high-quality beauty treatments and a commitment to sustainability. The founder is also recognised for her foundation, which supports female education in Africa. The website’s primary goal was to reflect the essence of the Schminkbar brand while providing functionality for online bookings and voucher sales.

Our approach emphasized creating a seamless user experience that prioritized the “Schminkbar Look & Feel.” While the website featured an online shop for purchasing vouchers and beauty products, it was essential to maintain the ambiance of a beauty spa rather than an e-commerce platform. Booking appointments for beauty treatments remained the primary focus, reflecting Schminkbar’s core business.

This redesign aimed to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that users could easily navigate the site to book appointments or purchase vouchers while immersing themselves in the world of Schminkbar’s beauty and sustainability ethos.

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