Real Estate Project Website Design and Development

Lead time

8 weeks


Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Following the successful redesign of Imoya’s official website, our next endeavour was to design and develop the base microsite for Imoya’s real estate projects.

Before the redesign, Imoya’s projects were primarily published on their main website. However, the goal was to create a dedicated microsite for each project, serving as a blueprint for all future developments. These microsites would showcase each project’s unique branding, look and feel, while hinting at the overarching Imoya brand.

The primary targets for these microsites included clients, potential clients, investors, partners, city officials, and policy makers. The project’s goals were multifaceted: to inform visitors about the project, immerse them in its atmosphere, encourage inquiries, and facilitate appointment scheduling.

Our focus was on developing a WordPress content management system that would streamline updates and offer flexibility for quick duplication and personalization from project to project. This approach ensured a future-proof technical solution while enabling seamless content publication in English, French, and Dutch.

With user-friendly navigation and informative content, these microsites serve as valuable resources for stakeholders and prospective clients alike, further solidifying Imoya’s position as a leader in real estate development.

This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs while leveraging cutting-edge technology and design principles.

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