Fleet Magazine

Digital magazine redesign

Lead time

10 weeks



Fleet is mainly a digital magazine (4 printed editions have been issued since 2009). For 2019, the editor was looking for a fresh digital start: the old website was quickly becoming sluggish and hard to manage.

There were many challenges going into this project: reorganising information was of paramount importance. The old website made no distinction between each editorial section. As time passed, this lack of structure produced a bloated article archive that was extremely hard for visitors to navigate through. Furthermore, there were new content classifications to be added, so a complete overhaul was commissioned.

Going into the project we knew we needed to make older content readily available. The archive was significant, so cross-linking articles was a prime concern. We also had to make room for advertising banners on virtually every page, adhering to standard sizes and coordinating their display on desktop and mobile.

We went for a clean design, striving to reduce visual clutter as much as possible. This was accomplished through the use of good amounts of white space and generous padding. Finally, everything was served to visitors by a powerful WordPress backend, loaded with a custom theme.

“Plug-it has been a partner that is always available and ready to help. I work daily in editing and managing online content and the team has been tireless in solving problems and even in applying and suggesting ideas on how we can improve our website.”

David Santos, Fleet Magazine

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