Madremedia Website Redesign

Lead time

12 weeks



In this project, we aimed to design and build a new website for Madremedia, enhancing its digital presence and showcasing its editorial portfolio.

Madremedia’s existing site was a temporary solution that needed a comprehensive overhaul. The new website’s objectives were to publicise the company’s services, highlight its key client projects, and promote its own initiatives.

To achieve these goals, we focused on creating a visually appealing website that effectively communicated what Madremedia does and how it collaborates with clients to solve various challenges. The design drew inspiration from leading media companies, ensuring a professional and engaging presentation.

Innovation in editorial content was a key aspect of the new site. We integrated interactive elements like chatbots and mood quizzes to enhance user engagement and demonstrate Madremedia’s commitment to editorial innovation.

The website also included a dedicated section for presenting the team, a blogging area, and a space for showcasing selected content and ongoing projects. This structure ensured that Madremedia could continuously update and insert new editorial content, keeping the site dynamic and relevant.

Our approach provided Madremedia with a robust, user-friendly platform that effectively showcased its editorial excellence and innovative spirit.

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