Love Tomorrow

Love Tomorrow Conference Website Redesign

Lead time

12 weeks




In 2022, the Love Tomorrow Conference’s website required a comprehensive redesign. We were approached to take on this task, beginning with prototyping the user experience before revamping the user interface. This annual event, held in Belgium, focuses on sustainability and the well-being of the next generation.

The redesign aimed to align the website’s look and feel with Love Tomorrow’s branding while shifting away from the previous aesthetic by incorporating a darker color palette.

Primary project goals included boosting ticket sales, promoting the conference, its program, and the speaker panel. Engaging younger audiences was pivotal, prompting a shift from the “let’s save the world” vibe of the previous website to a more impactful and vibrant design approach.

This project served as a valuable learning experience, providing insights into effectively bridging design disparities and tailoring web experiences to resonate with young audiences.

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