JN Bank UK

JN Bank UK Internet Banking Redesign

Lead time

8 months


Finance, insurance and real estate


This project aimed to redesign JN Bank UK’s Internet Banking experience, focusing on both financial products and the onboarding funnel for the Savings Account. The primary objective was to enhance the user experience, making it user-friendly while ensuring customers felt welcome and invited to consider JN Bank as their first-choice bank.

The design process began with the creation of a Product Template. This template served as a summary of all relevant information for each specific financial product, including Savings, Loans, and Credit Cards. The goal was to consolidate all product information and develop a template applicable to all products.

While prototyping the interface, we decided to recycle the navigation used on the overview page on each product page. This eliminated the need for a list view, thus streamlining the user experience with a consistent navigation.

The Product Card was designed as a summary of all relevant information for a given financial product. It provides a visual representation of the product’s status and highlights the most important action the customer needs to perform. Customers could now easily sort through all their products using the Products Menu.

The Products Overview Page offers a comprehensive view of all the customer’s financial products. It provides detailed information on the selected product and showcases all available products, serving as an effective cross-selling tool.

This redesign project aimed to create a cohesive, intuitive, and welcoming online banking experience for JN Bank UK customers, enhancing both usability and engagement.

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