Conceito de Interior

Elegant WordPress website for French interior designer

Lead time

8 weeks


Finance, insurance and real estate

Conceito de Interior specialises in the acquisition, rehabilitation, design and promotion of real estate projects in Portugal. The company was unsatisfied with the previous website (an off-the-shelf WordPress theme) and was looking to change things around. The new website should feature bigger pictures (with a focus on project imagery), offer compatibility with mobile devices and feature a streamlined WordPress content management system with multi-language capabilities.

“It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with PlugIt, definitely a customer focused team. The development of our site went smoothly and according to the budget & timeplan. Last but not least, the knowledge transfer was very valuable to manage the back end in an autonomous way. Good job Plug-it!”

Stephan & Anne, Conceito de Interior

When we first saw Ann’s renovation projects we were struck by their quality. There was an elegant simplicity and an attention to detail that we felt was not being justly represented in the old site. We sought to rectify this in our design by enlarging display images whenever possible and making use of nesting elements like carousels that could allow us to present more pictures per project.

We cleaned up the overall content structure and made use of on-page navigation within larger pages. The homepage now focuses on latest projects and core services, finishing things off with a call to action encouraging visitors to get in touch.

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