Imoya Website Design and Development

Lead time

12 weeks


Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

This project aimed to design and develop the official website for Imoya, a housing development company based in Belgium. The existing site, built with proprietary technology, was difficult to update, necessitating developer intervention for any changes.

The new website targeted a diverse audience, including clients, potential clients, investors, partners, city officials, policy makers, individuals interested in offering new housing projects, and those with a general interest in real estate.

The primary goals were to inform visitors about Imoya’s projects, actions, and updates in real estate. It also aimed to generate high-quality business leads, create a professional design that inspires confidence, and build a faster website with a lower bounce rate. Additionally, the project sought to develop a WordPress content management system that could simplify updates, while ensuring a future-proof technical solution.

The result was a robust, user-friendly website that effectively communicated Imoya’s offerings and updates while catering to a multilingual audience and diverse stakeholders.

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