Fleet Market

Upbeat brand and high conversion WordPress website

Lead time

10 weeks


Finance, insurance and real estate

Fleet Market in an online platform that aims to concentrate all vehicle financing campaigns available for the Portuguese market in real time. We were approached to design their logo and website after having built their Magazine project.

Our brief called for a fresh, pragmatic brand that looked professional and light. It’s also an independent brand, with no links to Fleet Magazine, their flagship product. This meant we were free to experiment with fonts and colours, without any fear of breaking visual ties to any pre-existing design system.

“Working with Plug-it has been a remarkable experience. Not only do they deliver the best competence for all kinds of situations, they also propose some solutions and ideas beyond the original project that bring great value to our product. The results with fleetmagazine.pt and fleetmarket.pt were great and we continue to work together to evolve both projects. Also, they have a lot of patience with clients from different technical levels. We learned a lot working with Plug-it and continue to do so.”

Hugo Jorge, Founder, Fleet Market

We went for a typographical logo featuring a custom typeface, backed by Metropolis. For the website, we really wanted the car images to be the heroes. In many ways this is a deceptively simple design since there is quite a bit of information being displayed in each vehicle card, with all sorts of labelling going. Because of this, the risk of things getting too busy is real. We used card interaction to serve secondary information and iconography to keep things interesting. Finally, we powered the whole system with a WordPress backend for which we developed a custom theme.

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