Creating Brand Awareness for SEDS

Lead time

12 weeks



SEDS (Sustainable Energy Distribution System) is a Belgian company that offers an innovative and sustainable system providing collective housing units with sanitary facilities, hot water, and seasonal comfort temperature.

The primary goal of this project was to create awareness in both the Belgian and Dutch markets through a comprehensive website and organic content. The aim was to attract recurring website users and achieve low-tier conversions. This helps to build a database of relevant individuals interested in SEDS.


Plug-it was tasked with designing and developing the full website. The new site needed to communicate the company’s innovative solutions and sustainable approach effectively. We targeted contractors, architects, and construction firms. We focused on creating an engaging user experience that encourages visitors to explore the site and learn more about SEDS’ offerings. Additionally, we developed a native block system for the WordPress backoffice. This gives website administrators the flexibility to create new pages with custom layouts.

The website also included a dedicated section for presenting the team, a blogging area, and a space for showcasing selected content and ongoing projects. This structure ensured that Madremedia could continuously update and insert new editorial content, keeping the site dynamic and relevant.

Our approach provided Madremedia with a robust, user-friendly platform that effectively showcased its editorial excellence and innovative spirit.

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