Web design and interface development for renting startup

Lead time

4 weeks


Finance, insurance and real estate


Candor is a renting startup targeting small business owners. In 2014 they set out to create a new website, powered by a content management system. We were asked to create a highly visual design, focused on user actions: the site’s main goal was to promote the company’s service range and to produce business leads. Working in tandem with Thinkorange, we designed and coded the front-end for both the site and the backoffice.

The Candor team had thoroughly streamlined their operational workflow. That was something we wanted to put forward in the design. We used infographic elements to achieve this, using visual aids for each step of the Renting process. We used contrast to convey a bold look and developed custom iconography for both the website and the backoffice (as well as for a brochure we designed after launch). Design elements were restrained in detail to keep things nice and clean and people images were used for the sake of approachability.

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