Brand and corporate website for Belgian startup

Lead time

14 weeks


Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Workero is a Belgian startup offering an integrated solution for managing and operating workspaces. They sought to clarify their value proposition by redesigning their website, focusing on their primary services and eliminating references to Innovation Hubs, which had previously caused confusion among their customers.

Our relationship with Workero began in 2017 with the creation of a visual strategy and overall brand concept. We designed their visual language featuring iconography, bold typography, and strong color contrast to convey the disruptive nature of the business. This visual identity served as the foundation for various materials we produced over the years, including landing pages, newsletters, flyers, presentations, and banner ads.

When Workero was founded in 2017 I needed a brand identity and a corporate presentation. Plug-it – again – delivered, and how… We asked them to take their ideas to the next level and to come up with a website design, landing pages, newsletters, ads, etc. The team designed and implemented the visual strategy for the whole concept and brand, laying the foundation for what we still work on with them years later.

Dirk Paelinck, CEO, Workero

Building on this branding work, Plug-it was tasked with designing and developing the new Workero website. The main unique selling points (USPs) of Workero’s updated platform include an open network for office, meeting, and desk rentals, as well as comprehensive workplace management software (WMS). The aim was to highlight the dual benefits Workero offers: optimizing workspace utilization and generating revenue from unused office spaces through their marketplace.

The project’s primary goals were to clearly present Workero’s USPs, generate business leads through demo requests, and create an engaging design that remained true to the brand.

“I love working with Plug-it:
– The team is always flexible and never misses a deadline, even if we give a strict one 😉
– The work delivered is always of the highest quality and always very visually pleasing (I really feel like you take our ideas to the next level)
– Our contact is very efficient and they always respond very fast”

Nina De Thaey, Workero

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