Boa Sorte podcast brand and website

Boa Sorte! (Good Luck!) is an enthralling radio series comprising 26 four-minute episodes, crafted through a partnership between the Portuguese newspaper Observador and the supermarket chain Minipreço. Our project aimed to develop the brand, design, and create a website to support the podcast—a soap opera-style narrative set in the everyday life of a popular music radio station and a large shopping center.

Each weekly episode stands as a standalone story while contributing to a broader narrative that unfolds across the entire series. Featuring the voices of well-known personalities, the podcast was launched in 2023.

Plug-it took on the challenge of creating an interface that seamlessly connects the podcast with its listeners, offering additional insights into the series and its characters. Our scope included developing a captivating graphic identity for the program, curating the episode archive, and promoting teasers for upcoming episodes. Additionally, the website boasts exclusive content such as backstage videos and interviews, enriching the user experience.

We designed the site to be fully responsive, with a focus on easy mobile navigation. Utilising WordPress, we implemented a back office, empowering Observador to effortlessly manage all content. Furthermore, the site features a dedicated section for character biographies, showcasing images of each actor—initially six, with room for future expansion.

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