Indie Traveller

Web design and development for Dutch travel blogger

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9 weeks


Hospitality and Tourism

Marek Bron founded Indie Traveller, his travel blog, in 2013. It has since become one of the most prominent English-written travel blogs in the internet.

The goal with the 2018 redesign was to have a professional design that could shift the overall style from a “personal blog” to more of a magazine/travel resource approach. The old website used an off-the-shelf WordPress template that proved to be too limiting and slow for the amount of traffic it was driving. The new site needed to be fast while powered by WordPress with a custom built theme.

“Plug-it did a fantastic job redesigning the Indie Traveller site and its structure from the ground up. The process was collaborative and adaptive, ensuring we had a clear blueprint before development began. I was very happy with the custom coded elements that helped the site stand out from others and make it easier to navigate. I highly recommend working with Plug-it!”

Marek Bron, Indie Traveller

Our primary focus was to improve the experience both on desktop and mobile devices. We cleaned up the homepage, reorganised the menu structure and made use of on-page navigation within article pages. By using sub-pages, visitors are now encouraged to dive deeper into the archive pool.

Travel is fun! We made the site look professional but still gave it a good splash of color and bold typography, keeping body copy clean and minimal and using photography as much as possible in an effort to make things lively.

We followed a modular approach with each content-type: this allows Marek to create longer, more intricate and visually rich pages on his own within the WordPress content management system, changing things up as he sees fit.

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