Sara Espírito Santo is a music promoter & PR Agent based in Lisbon. She works with some big Portuguese musical acts here and abroad like GNR and The Gift. Sara needed a rebrand, using the ‘Sara does PR’ brandname that could reflect who she was professionally, a driven, determined, efficient and matter-of-fact agent.


As the scope of Sara’s services was quite broad, we decided early on to avoid illustrative elements for the logo and focus exclusively on typography. Same thing for colour: the monochromatic look gave an elegant feel to the brand that we felt was appropriate to Sara’s position in the music & PR markets.


Along with the brand, we designed business cards, email signatures and a small website.

Lessons Learned

  1. Typography is a powerful design tool;
  2. Less is more;
  3. Designing brands for people is not that different from designing brands for companies: both are about personality and values.

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