MadeIn is a business directory and networking service spanning 7 different regions in Belgium. We were approached with the intent of a rebrand that could stay true to the previous brand colours (blue, white and grey) and visual concept (the speech balloon).


The main goal of the rebrand was to modernize and further the awareness to the brand in Belgium. The design should be encapsulating as we were focusing on enterprise professionals in the broadest sense: from decision makers to employees, influencers, start-up founders, etc. There was also the regional aspect of the brand: it needed to be consistent accross the 7 regions through several mediums: desktops, tablets, newspapers, outdoors, magazines, television.

Furthermore, the MadeIn brand had some specific visual manifestations: the logo needed to be able to accommodate – not only the name of the specific region of where it was been used in – but also key elements for application type: event, magazine, etc.


We used the balloon concept to this effect, creating layers of visual elements that could be interchanged according to the scope of the application.

We also produced a brand guide to ensure the correct use of the brand accross the different media channels, something that was proving to be problematic with the previous brand logo.

Lessons Learned

  1. Focus not on the brand but on the brand system;
  2. There is no such thing as a Brand Refresh: only various shades of Rebranding;


Branding work for business consulting firm n-ideas.

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