Lourdes is a professional coach based in Lisbon, Portugal. She has a solid background in human resources and was starting her consulting business when she approached us through Colaboratório (a collaborative agency we founded with other professionals in our office space, coworklisboa).

The challenge was to create a brand for her business, coupled with a responsive website. The project’s main objective was to project a corporate but personal image, while explaining her Career Redesign Methodology (based on Business Model You®).


We teamed up with Pedro Garcia Marques (brand and interface design) and Alexandra Quadros (copy writer) to devise the overall brand strategy and tone of voice. Brand deliverables included business cards, document folders, identity guideline document and website design. Alexandra also issued a press release upon web launch.

Following the website’s deployment we worked with Lourdes to set up a digital marketing campaign to promote business leads. Because her area of expertise is so specific and because she had a very clear idea of the demographics of her target audience, we were able to use Google Adwords campaigns with very good results.


We developed the whole front-end for the interface (html, css and javascript), making it fully responsive, so it displayed correctly across devices (phones, tablets, tvs and computers).

Lessons Learned

It’s always about people: the team used on this project proved to be perfect for the job at hand. Senior copy and branding skills were of paramount importance in establishing trust with the client from the onset. This gave us leverage to propose changes to the inicial scope (which included 2 websites), channeling ideas and resources where we felt they made a bigger difference.

Barba Rija

Web design and development for Barba Rija (‘Thick Beard’) Club.

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