We were approached by another design agency to work with them on Intermarch√©’s new website. The goal was to break with the previous design and produce a cleaner (less visual clutter), more modern interface while coming up with interesting ideas on usability and core features.


Intermarch√© positions itself as THE local supermarket. Every store hires local personnel and buys produce form local suppliers. Customers know their store’s owner and staff, often by name. For the new website, we wanted to incorporate this local approach by introducing a secondary navigation system: the store menu. This would allow visitors to load their store, updating product selection, promotions and prices to match their location.


We designed various screens, for desktop and mobile devices, making good use of negative space and the 3 brand colours (yellow, orange and black).

Lessons Learned

This was an important project. We had to work on a very tight deadline so good articulation with the hiring agency was a determining factor. It proved to be a very fruitful collaboration and the work was presented on time to the client and ultimately, approved.

Government of Thailand

Campaign website for Thailand against IUU Fishing

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