Indie Traveller is a travel blog founded by Marek Bron in 2013, that has since become one of the more prominent English-written travel blogs in the internet.

The goal with the 2018 redesign was to have a professional design and to shift somewhat from a ‘personal blog’ style to more of a magazine or travel resource approach.

The old website used an off-the-shelf WordPress template that proved to be too limiting and slow for the amount of traffic it was currently driving.


For this redesign we had 5 clear goals:

Faster and streamlined

The site needed to be fast-loading, without the aid of progress bars. It should be powered by WordPress, but we should develop the custom template and libraries/plugins used to a minimum.

Improved experience on desktop & mobile

We cleaned up homepage structure, the menu structure and we made use of on-page navigation within the article pages. The homepage now focuses more on the articles and we use destination sub-pages to better organize articles, encouraging deeper dives in the archive pool. Care was taken to encourage cross-linking between article and destination pages.


Bright & friendly design

Travel is fun! We made the site look professional but still gave it a good splash of color and typography. Article body copy was kept clean and minimal but colour and photography were used as much as possible in an effort to make things bright and lively.

Make photos in articles look better

Photos needed to be bigger. They also needed to look good both on desktop and mobile devices.

Reusable content blocks

Wherever possible, we tried to follow a modular approach with each content-type. This allows Marek to create longer, more intricate and visually rich pages on his own, within the WordPress content management system.


A Travel-by-Video experience

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