Glitter helps agencies, producers and clients work together by concentrating all casting communication & content in one centralised location: the cloud. Project included designing the whole app for desktop, tablet and smartphone screens. We also developed a corporate presentation and a promotional video, both used to pitch the app to investors across Europe.


In the aftermath of a web project we developed for a local casting agency, in tandem with the good folks at Thinkorange, we took some of the lessons learned and used them to create a new product, that could scaled and used in different casting contexts (actors, models, musicians, etc).


It had to be a very visual and uncluttered interface. This was particularly challenging, as the extensive feature set and the 3 different user types required a high level of specificity. It took us over 220 design hours to produce a prototype we were happy enough to present to the judges at NEXT Berlin Start-up Pitch in April 2013.

Lessons Learned

This was a pivotal project for us. Back in 2012 this was one of the most complex undertakings we’d embarked on. On top of that, there was no client involved, so self-editing and a sound (and clear) product strategy were of particular importance. We ended up not winning the Berlin competition, but the lessons learned in this undertaking proved to be important stepping stones in upcoming projects of a similar nature.


Logo & app design for event management app.

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