FVE reached out to us to totally renew their website. The aim was to make it more user-friendly, compatible with mobile screens, more integrated with social media, safer and less dense.

The main purpose of this website is to act as an information repository, a resource portal for veterinarian associations accross Europe. A place where professionals can find information on law, technical publications and education resources.

Some of these goals weren’t being fulfilled by the old site. Furthermore, the content structure was too heavy and cluttered, in desperate need of an overhaul.


The first thing we did was to separate the content related to affiliated organisations from FVE’s content. These organisations play an important role within the FVE ecosystem but in the old site, they were presented inconsistently adding to the sense of confusion caused by excessive information.

On the new site, each FVE organisation has a dedicated sub-site, each following the same sub-structure and visual styling.


We completely overhauled the look and feel, staying true to the brand colours but introducing iconography and photography to keep the overall aesthetics light and approachable. The content management system is now powered by WordPress and there’s a password-protected Member Area where files can be uploaded, browsed and downloaded.


Branding for Belgian tech startup

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