Forbes was looking for an official website to launch the Portuguese version of the magazine in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique. Not only should these three versions share the same Content Management System, they should feature different news articles, according to their relevance for each audience. We teamed up with Widgilabs to produce a powerful WordPress application, capable of managing the various user levels in all 3 geographies.


Each country has a different printed edition of the magazine: the cover is different, the editorial is different, some news and interviews are different. We wanted to translate this to the web version, so we came up with a skin mechanism that allowed administrators to change the base colours of each version to mach each monthly cover. This also introduced an aspect of novelty for returning visitor that we felt would be beneficial to the overall experience.


We took a modular approach to the design. Because content modules had to be interchangeable, we designed pages like legos where you could break bits apart and move them around with relative ease. This had, of course, to accommodate the specificities and different sizes of advertising banners. Also, because the different print covers were at the heart of the design concept, we brought them to the homepage.

Lessons Learned

The asymmetrical grids we used on the design, along with the modular approach to content blocks proved to be challenging in the development stage. Working with some top notch developers on the interface was a fantastic experience.


Web design and front-end development for Candor, a Portuguese renting firm.

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