In early 2013 Flexdeal hired us to develop their new brand. The project included creating the brand name, logo and overall visual concept. One year later, we were asked to redesign their website. The new interface should reflect elegance, modernity and inspire user trust.


We designed and coded the new website (HTML, CSS & Javascript over bootstrap), making it fully responsive on desktops and mobile devices.


Lessons Learned

What began as pure branding assignment (and very successful at that) eventually became a full spectrum design job. We were really glad that Flexdeal came back for the internet side of things, but had this work been commissioned early on, a lot of time and money would’ve been saved. This was as much our fault as the client’s: we could’ve pushed commercially to include this as it was a web-based service and thus was bound to need web design work. But the website was already under way with another company when we were hired so we focussed solely on the brand.

Sometimes putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t a bad call. If you can find a basket you can trust on, of course…


Branding and graphic design work for Cubo gallery.

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