Eventfuel was first created as a prototype for a startup conference in Lisbon, Portugal called Silicon Valley Comes to Lisbon in 2011. A few months after the conference a contact in one of the top tech companies in the world asked if the company could provide the same service for their events. By the end of 2012 the event app had become a full blown software as a service for over 100 events a year. We lead the design work for the brand and the iOS (iPhone & iPad) app from the onset.


The main goal of the app was to provide event attendees with a rich and detailed interactive experience, with quick access to the event program, speaker profiles and session summaries. It should be able to grab their attention from the start, allowing fast automatic check in upon arrival and issuing engaging push notifications, live polls and per session feedback.


Lessons Learned

Several interplaying challenges arose while designing the app. We’d always aim at striking a balance between the scalability aspect of the project – we’d have to constantly future-proof interface elements whose length we did not control so they wouldn’t break or feel clustered once event administrators started inputing content through the web-based content management system – and the overall aesthetic experience we were trying to achieve.

After several design iteractions with the design and development team we settled on final commercial version that was used on numerous events accross Europe. But it was by attending a couple of these events in London and Lisbon, and actually seeing users using the app from start to finish, that we were able to really fine tune things.


Web design & copywriting for Compal.

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