The European Sunlight Association (ESA), required a new website to represent their organisation online. The site should:

  1. Reflect the corporate identity of ESA;
  2. Outline a comprehensive visual view of the Association’s policy positions;
  3. Tell the human side of the ESA story and the sunbed industry in Europe;
  4. Be developed as a standalone WordPress application;


ESA was very specific about a minimalistic approach to the design. There was also quite an amount of information to publish so one of our biggest challenges was to come up with an interface that wouldn’t look cluttered or content heavy.


One of the things we did to help with that was to really focus on the typography: we used big titles and generous line spacing to create vertical space and visual hierarchy. We also usedĀ unusual paragraph alignments and interaction to serve content to users.


Branding, video and web design for model management app.

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