This project started with a Digital Marketing Campaign inquiry: Doorm wanted to target the local housing market through paid search and social media. But on our first meeting it became clear that their website wasn’t inline with this objective. Everything, from the brand claim (Student Housing) to the copy and pictures used to promote the hotel was geared exclusively towards students.


We proposed a website redesign before working on Marketing campaigns. First thing we did was change the claim to a more encapsulating “Quality Housing”. We also changed the focus of the website: less lifestyle and more hard-sell (we wanted to boost conversions, after all). The split screen was Doorm’s idea: we tested both approaches, with and without it, and the statistics proved they were right. Click-throughs and conversions increased while bounce rates decreased with the split approach.


The redesign project was split into sprints. First stage involved changing the overall look and feel to make the case for a unique travel housing experience. Part of this implied design and usability changes but, for the most part, it was communication strategy shifts. We then introduced an amenities page, describing in greater detail what the hotel has to offer, focusing on Doorm’s unique selling points. Finally, we brought the rooms and apartments to the homepage and included a self-hosted booking engine, installed over a bespoke WordPress content management system.

Lessons Learned

To listen. A client might not have an accurate briefing to start with, but they almost always tell you what they need. It’s important to ask the right questions in order to get under the business’s skin, so to speak, without loosing focus. What is the overall strategy? What role should the deliverables be playing in it? How do we get it to where it needs to be? How much can we afford to spend?

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