Located in the city of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, in the old mill flour factory, CUBO (cube) was a multidisciplinary space spanning 3 floors, that housed a shared office space (cowork), an art gallery and a training room. The space needed an ‘elastic’ brand, capable of communicating from the various aspects of the business.


Cubo aimed at a young, urban crowd. It was important that the overall brand system appealed to this audience with a bold and modern look. It also had to communicate through three distinct service areas: Gallery, Training and Cowork.


By geometrically deconstructing a cube, we came up with a typographical identity that includes character icons for each one the three business areas: Cowork (W), Training (F for ‘Formação’ in Portuguese) and Gallery (G). Several communication pieces were produced: posters, postcards, flyers, promotional coupons, outdoor signs.

Lessons Learned

This was another rare project where we could start from scratch and design everything. A fantastic challenge, but also a big responsibility. One lesson we took home was that the battle for consistency doesn’t end with the design deliverables. As a design consultant, you must keep a healthy dose of vigilance over the visual materials produced by the client on their own. Specially when there’s no brand book for them to use as guides (as was the case here).


Branding, video and web design for model management app.

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