Compal has been making juices since 1952. Five decades of quality juice-making have given the brand an almost iconic status in Portugal, where it was founded. We were approached to develop a website for the international market that could accurately convey the core brand values and the quality of the company’s products.


The idea of presenting information in a storyline fashion arose early on. The brand presents itself as “Juice Specialists” so we wanted to tell their long lasting fruit story. All the content for the website was written and translated by our team.


Compal’s visual universe is very colourful, making use of hiper realistic photography. This was something we wanted to stay true to, so we drew our biggest Photoshop guns to produce an unmistakable Compal look.

Lessons Learned

This was an important project for us. It was our first big brand assignment and it ended up receiving the prestigious ‘Site of the day’ award soon after it launched in late 2010. Some lessons:

  1. Big design prizes don’t necessarily mean more business, but it does mean your website will be copied. We had the whole interface duplicated by companies in India and China that would repurpose it for a school or for a car company;
  2. Unconventional navigation systems as this site uses pose several browser and screen size compatibility issues. This was before responsive design was mainstream in the industry, so we did need to tweak a few things along the way;


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