Targeting small business owners, Candor set out to create a website and a bespoke web app to support their services. The website needed to be very visual and focused on user actions: it’s main goal was to convey the company’s service range and produce leads. Working in tandem with Thinkorange, we designed and coded both interfaces.


From the onset of the project, we discussed the need to highlight and breakdown the service offering. Financial solutions can be complex, but the Candor team had streamlined processes and that had to be put forward. We used infographic elements to achieve this, using visual aids for each step of the Renting process.


We used contrast to convey a bold look to the interface. Custom iconography was also developed for both the website and the web app (and for a brochure we designed after launch). Design elements were restrained in detail to keep things nice and clean and light imagery, with a focus on people, was used for the sake of approachability.

Lessons Learned

A focused client, with a clear business vision is one of the best ways to ensure a steady design hand. The resulting outputs produced prove (in our opinion) that Finance blends rather well with Technology.

Global Cork

Logo and web design for Portuguese start-up.

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