Body2Win is a Belgium company that sells a diet plan service focused on nutrition. The website plays a key role on the business since it allows clients to track progress and purchase food packs on the electronic shop. Not only was the design outdated, the website’s feature set had been revised and the content re-written. It was time for a complete redesign.


The goal was to come up with a design that felt younger & lighter, but kept the original brand logo and brand colours. The site would also need to explain in clear terms what the service was about and how it worked, focusing on the unique selling points that would turn visitors into clients. This had beed one of the main flaws of the previous version of the website.


We took visual queues from the logo to create copy balloons. This, coupled with people imagery and custom icons, made the visuals much more approachable.

Lessons Learned

This was a project done in tandem with a Belgium agency throughout a period of several months. The main challenge we faced was understanding the complex business model of Body2Win. The second biggest challenge was finding an interesting, visual way of conveying that to visitors. We had a steep learning curve, but eventually were able to find a strong visual voice that could keep up with the scope growth the site came to have.

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