Barba Rija (‘Thick Beard’) Club was a subscription based website offering quality shaving products at low price-points. It was a new venture back in 2013 when the founding partners reached out for us to design their new website.


Although simple in its presentation, this website was in fact a full fledged e-commerce operation. It featured a bespoke content management system, with Spree and Primavera software integration.


Being a new service, Barba Rija was starting from scratch. It was important that the design had mass (masculine) appeal. We combined bright colours with sharp edges for a clean cut look.

Lessons Learned

This was an out of the box kind of project for us. Not your run-of-the-mill type of webshop at all and thus offered some interesting revelations:

  1. PayPal does not have a hold on the Portuguese market at all: we faced strong resistance from users over using this gateway for subscription management and eventually had to set up other means of payment;
  2. Offline sales proved to be a whole lot more important than initially expected;
  3. Primavera Software Web integration is possible;

Eventually, the client base did not grow as the company expected and the Club was terminated in 2016.


Logo & app design for event management app.

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