With a rich history spanning over ten centuries, Averbode Abbey needed a redesign of its oficial website: the Norbertine monks produce a wide range of products that are sold at the visitor shop (and other select retailers) and there was the brand new experience centre to promote.


The briefing specified a focus on sobriety and elegance, but the design should not be old fashioned. The scenery around the Abbey and the Abbey itself are quite striking, so this quickly became our main visual focus.

We were also expected to highlight the renowned product range of Gingerbread, Cheese, Beer and Bread (samples of which, we did not have the chance to try, unfortunately…) and the tours to the property and to the new Experience Center.


Lessons Learned

Consistency: it’s important to control the whole visual workflow of a web project. This site was designed by our team but the interface code (the process of turning visuals into actual HTML code to be used within a web browser) was produced by another company. This type of arrangement can be successful, but its often the case that some aspects of the original layouts are altered to a variable extent.


Web design & copywriting for Compal.

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