The business of change

We opened shop in the heyday of Flash®, when the internet was browsed on desktop screens, phones weren’t so smart and tablets were made of chocolate.

The web has changed since then and so have we. These days we’re working with web standards and open source technologies such as WordPress, PHP and Ruby on Rails, designing for different screens and devices.

Exciting times!

Tiago Pedroso

Founder / Creative Director


Matilde Pessoa


Sónia Correia

Studio Manager


Patricia Picas



Alexandre Soares


Inspiration through collaboration

Our team is based at Coworklisboa, a coworking space in Lisbon, Portugal. Coworking has not only changed the way we work, it has sped up the pace at which we learn new skills.

Collaboration determined how we structure our business: sharing an office with talented professionals from different creative and technical fields allows our core team to grow according to the needs of each project.

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