Contraditório wanted to renovate their website, making it more functional, readable and attractive. The project had some particularly challenging characteristics: we had to work over the existing bespoke content management system (CMS), enhancing functionality and usability while totally redesigning the front-end.


The site houses a lot of content so it was important to make old and new articles accessible to the users. We accomplished this by adding list pages, with thumbnails and filters, linking to and from related content and bringing the latest content to the homepage.


The main content structure was particularly deficient on the old version of the site. We wanted to clearly differentiate the principal content sections we used color coding to good effect: studies, debates, articles and ideas, the main highlights of the website, each use their own base color, tinting the content within them. This offers the user visual context at various navigational levels.

Lessons Learned

  1. A Newspaper design approach is a good way to approach a content heavy website.
  2. Seemingly impossible projects can positively surprise you.
  3. Less is more, every-time.
  4. Ill documented legacy technology is evil.
  5. Minimalism and elegance stand the test of time.


A Travel-by-Video experience

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